Bob Cloeter

Director of Outreach and Family Ministry
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Robert Cloeter

Director of Outreach and Family Ministry


Robert arrived at St. Martin’s / Winona in the summer of 1983.  He is one of seven children born to Rev. O.H. (1920-1988) and Elsie Cloeter of Faribault, Minnesota.  He graduated from Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.  Robert’s first call was to St. John’s Lutheran Church and School in Chaska, Minnesota were he taught various grade levels and directed athletics for five years.   In 1982-83 he went back to Concordia University in St. Paul where he received his degree in Evangelism/Mission studies.   In May of 1983, St. Martin’s Lutheran Church in Winona, Minnesota called him to be their first full-time Director of Outreach.  Robert began his ministry at St. Martin’s on August 1, 1983.


Robert has three sons: Jesse (82), Casey (85), and Adam (88).



Duties as Outreach Director and Family Ministry


  • The four-fold purpose of Outreach at St. Martin’s to “Joyfully Share God’s Gifts is:

a.        To make our people AWARE of the Christian witness and evangelism task.

b.       To provide our people with TRAINING to carry out their Christian witness.

c.        To provide our people with OPPORTUNITIES to share Christ with one another, the community, and world.

d.       To PROMOTE the building of living relationships inside and outside the Body of Christ at St. Martin’s to the community, and world (John 16: 34-35).


Duties as Family Ministry Director


  • God’s will is that His life in Christ Jesus be nurtured in us our whole life.  St. Martin’s intentionally celebrates “Life’s Milestones” for each person.  These milestones are celebration points where the individual is given resources to help them remember God’s Baptismal grace for their whole life’s journey—cradle to grave.